June 4th 2016

Harrison Dainty

*Longman, (Martin Dainty)*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bike racing - is nuts hard at any level. It isn't like turning up at sports day for a running race. Its complex and the decisions before and during the race have big impact on the result..

*Longsprog, (Harrison Dainty)*
This week it was Nottingham. Dad was being his usual annoying self, trying to make every detail perfect before we even clip in. He says 'its normal' ...its not, he's potty. He let's 40psi out of my rear tyre just to ensure we don't have a problem at the gear check. He does more weird things, most of which I don't understand.

Hahaha he just got told off for swearing!! Right, back to business under 8's is about to finish.. Wait for the bell, when the last rider gets the bell - enter the circuit and roll round to the start line. I need to be on the front row 'first lap is as important as the last lap' ringing in my ears.

Annoying bloke starts going through the rules on the line. Apparently I have to listen to the annoying bloke because he's the boss of the race, called a *commy-s-hairy* or something??

GO!!.. Jeeeze Mckenzie Riley has GONE!! Seth Jackson panics to get across, I do the same. We can't do it. We look around for help. They can't or won't. I don't know which and I don't know what to do. Do I ride for 2nd or do I try to win the race?

I watched the race unfold and watched Harrison and Seth continually ride at the front as hard as they could to try chase Mackenzie down. When the race finished (during the race too) I made a mistake - I ticked Longsprog off for leaving it all on the road and having nothing left at the end. On reflection I was wrong.   Him and Seth wanted to win the race, nobody else was prepared to chase so they had no other option but to do it themselves... That's bike racing!!. I apologised to Harrison the next morning and learnt something myself. I am watching the race - I am not in it - I don't see the subtleties at the side of the road - you only see that on the road.

OH MY GOD gutted again!!.. Spent ALL the pennies - I really did. Pleased my pal Seth got the sprint for 2nd place, I forgot to congratulate him on that, he rode hard and still clipped the sprint at the end :-)  will do when I see him next week. Its the national championships. I ride for my school too at that race its BSCA.. No pressure.. Dad's not said a word (really?)   

I've wrote this stuff for entertainment, his bits are his words though. I hope you enjoy reading our little adventure. I don't know how the fun will pan out but I do know it will be on the edge of acceptable :-)

Note from the editor, James Scatchard :

I noticed there was no mention of Harrison's finishing position, so foolishly I asked. -  Martin's reply... "He was 6th...I Believe - I stop counting after *1 *2 *3, always have!" ;-) ... At least you know where you stand Harrison! Good luck! :-)

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