Rossington Wheelers’ 10


May 7th 2016

Hatfield Woodhouse

Saturday was an unusually warm and calm day for the well organised Rossington Wheelers’ 10 at Hatfield Woodhouse. Not quite a “float day” but as close as the O10/1 ever gets. Dave Partridge, the solo Team CF rider present, was trying out a new position. A scientist by nature, Partridge knew that, in order to adequately assess the effects of the change, he had to ensure that all other variables were kept constant. In line with previous events, therefore, his preparations began the evening before with carefully balanced sports nutrition supplied by China Court Restaurant along with a couple of beers and half a bottle of wine. On the day itself he ensured that his body was warm and ready for competition by doing his level best to miss his start time, arriving with just 30 seconds to spare. This exemplary preparation was rewarded with a personal best of 22:29 on the course (26.7mph) and a placing of 7th overall, his best in an open TT.

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