Comeback Win


May 25th 2014

Race Report today from the Apres Drinks 3rd Cat Circuit race Brighton and The World's Oldest Cycling Track anyone?!: I WON!!!. Get in. The end.


My first 3rd cats race. VERY rainy, 12c. 35 ish started, less finished (many crash delayed). More seriously, there have been so many crashes in the races I've done. In the 5 races I've done, I've seen or heard 9 proper slammers, with 2 of them needing ambulances. Today it was so wet and cold (for suverners anyway x) I knew being in the front 5 with 5 laps (3k) to go was essential as hands were numb and people were tired.

Two crashes behind me on the fast last lap, I could hear guys shouting and slamming into the iron fencing (one guy head first nearly lost an eye). One guy was scraped up but couldn't bend his knee , I guess he broke it. My advice fwiw to anyone starting out in rring is to avoid overlapping wheels and keep alert.

I had supped my iced espresso as per Sir Jim Mid's reco with 15min to go and 10min later was ready to pay my bill and finish off the job. I got blocked a bit but with 300m to go I moved out and up and twatted it down the outside, got a length and no-one got past me. The kids and Clare were at the line screaming me on. Fantastic feeling. Its also 3 years to the day that my Dad, rest his soul, died and that's for you old I promise not to make future reports so long now I have a win!

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