The WES Challenge


Coming to a country near you on 5th May 2013!

'WES Challenge' being to ride a bike from Wales, through England and finish in Scotland IN A DAY! It is about 160 (250KM) and we'll climb about 8000ft in total. This is not a walk in the park for any of us, it will take a massive amount of effort (about 8k-10k calories a piece depending on how fat we each are) and it will hurt! It is doable but it is also failable (is that even a word?). A proper challenge! We ride on Sunday 5th May which is also very early in the year for us given training time (AND THE FLIPPING SNOW!), and we hope we do not run out of light. We set off from Wales at 5am and aim to hit Scotland at 8:30pm with a couple of cafe stops along the way.

Riders confirmed are:

Ade Lingard, Alan Paterson, John Morris, Rob Carter, James Scatchard, Martin Dainty, James Field, Daniel Webb, Glen Saxton, Dave Partridge, Marcus Thompson, Rob Burton, and David Lloyd.

For anyone superstitious - yes, that is 13!

We're hoping stalwart team member Lee Dixon can join us too last minute, he'll be there in spirit either way.

There are also our Drivers Bob, Claire, and Bernard who will be a massive help (especially for those too knackered to ride anymore pre Scotland!)

The idea for the WES challenge came in the last 30 miles of the Coast to Coast Ride last year where 9 riders made it from West to East Coast in a day (150 miles). We became pretty close as a unit and the best riders helped the rest get there (proper team work). This year some of those riders go again along with some new blood (not Lance Armstrong style new blood you understand!).

So, we here we go, riders from Team Cystic Fibrosis and Friends of Team Cystic Fibrosis whose help we are eternally grateful for. When I first raised this idea I was shot down in flames (to be fair we had still got 30 miles to do of 2012's challenge as I say!) I also managed to achieve a hang up from our spiritual leader and founder of Team Cystic Fibrosis Mr Dainty on a phone call to discuss it!

Anyway, here we are, I've convinced them all it's not as bad an idea as it first looks (they're still not sure it is a good idea either). So we'll have a number of riders looking to make it and the sponsorship support received really does drive us on. All money received goes straight to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Keep an eye out on here for future updates!

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