Tom Simpson Memorial Ride II


How the SAS saw it from the pointy end of the proceedings...

'What are you wearing?' The most frequently asked and most important question prior to any bike ride!! But this isn't any old bike ride, its the Tommy Simpson.. That means everything is going to be a little more.. Which means wearing a little less. So it was agreed that the bare minimum to get round was the order of the day and if anything went wrong we would just freeze to death by the side of the road!

So, off we rolled.. 200 riders all out to prove they are going better than they feared but in reality soon find that isn't as good as they hoped.

We turn left, a rider falls off.

We turn right, another rider falls off.

We scrabble up the only climb of note and I hear the familiar sound of snapping an crackling of gears. Once over the top the 'fun' begins in earnest. The line starts to thin as the big guns start to pile on the horse power.. Russ Downing, then brother Dean, Lord Tanner and a few of the young anorexic hobbits all contribute to the CF lads finding it tough in the left hand gutter.

Another rider falls off..

At this point the exact same thing happens to myself, Dogs and Glen. The rider in front looses the wheel!! At this speed, that's it, nothing can be done! You just hang there cursing the rider directly in front (because clearly its their fault we all find our selves in no mans land searching for wheels)

That then forms the pattern for the 2nd half of the ride. Its through and off on the rivet, in our own groups.. Chasing the group in front and trying not to get caught by a group behind!

The WMC was a welcome sight.. The stories could now begin

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