Team CF do "The Gump"!


The Team Cystic Fibrosis annual challenge saw 26 riders leave Barnsley at sunrise to see how many miles they could ride before sunset. It was an excellent example of everything that Team Cystic Fibrosis stands for.

The bleary eyed peleton departed Barnsley around 4:30 am and headed south through Lincolnshire towards the Norfolk Coast. All 26 riders made it to Felixstowe, 216 mile later.

Meticulous planning by Adrian Lingard and his Gump Planning Team along with the wonderful assistance of the "Support Team" made sure that all the riders had to worry about was riding (and saddle sores!)

The Gump has, at the time of writing, raised over £11,000 in sponsorship and donations including our breakfast hosts, The Bull at Bracebridge Heath,  who not only laid on a 'lovely spread' but then kindly donated the cost back!

The day left 26 riders and a massive support crew with a whole heap of memories which will last much longer than the pain!

Where are we going next year Ade???

Donations can be made following the Just Giving link on this page.

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Team Cystic Fibrosis is a charity cycling team riding and racing in a broad section of cycling disciplines.


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